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Dandy’s best kept secret isn’t a secret anymore.


The Dandenong Pavilion, once a best kept secret of the South-East, has been thrust into the culinary limelight by its’ half-sister the Grand Taverna Trailer Park. Owned by one half of the Taverna’s dynamic duo, Dani Zeini creates a restaurant that all locals would be proud to lay claim to.

As it states, the Dandenong Pavilion “was the first hospitality establishment to take the area seriously and has had diners coming back for over 6 years.” And it’s clear to see why.

Whilst some may know it as the classy alternative to Airstream to take girls for a late night coffee, locals know the ‘Dandy Pav’ as a warm, welcoming eatery. Whether you arrive in a tracksuit or the Louboutins your boyfriend bought you, you are greeted by friendly and often attractive, staff.

In all seriousness though, the ‘Pav’ offers the best burgers this side of the city (however this is entirely the view of the writer). The masses may be focused on the Taverna’s burgers, but this is only because they clearly have not had a burger at the ‘Pav’.

IMG_3210All about dem gains – The ‘Marko D’ burger is a homage to a local body builder.

Even if you don’t like burgers, the Pav has something for everyone. From sophisticated pub-style meals, to pasta Nonna would be proud of.

IMG_3235Snappin’ up that snapper.

If sweets are your thing, then the Pav’s got you covered. Unfortunately there are only limitied photos to share, largely because I always eat all my dessert before we can get a good shot. And let’s face it, Instagram #foodporn posts just don’t cut it.

IMG_3244The ‘Coco Jamboo’ – White chocolate mousse with a bounty base, partnered with chocolate sponge and chocolate-coconut ganache.


My personal favourite would have to be the hot Nutella donuts, although I’m sure the rest of the crew would argue for the giant waffle stack with Nutella parfait and served with A WHOLE JAR OF NUTELLA!

Although the food can speak for itself, what Dani has done for Dandenong should not be overlooked. An area most write off as ‘scummy’ and at times dangerous, the Dandy Pav celebrates. As a Dandy girl, born and bred, I want the rest of Melbourne to know what they’re missing out on.


For more info visit http://www.dpav.com.au or check them on Instagram @dpavilion




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