22 John Street, St.Albans Melbourne // Level 2, 15 McKillop Street, CBD Melbourne

Just Car Insurance presents DRIFTX 2014

What a weekend it was. From the non-stop sessions, to the ‘suns out, guns out’ weather, we couldn’t have asked for more! IMG_3290

This has been one of the most anticipated events on the Vicdrift calendar for some time, and it did not disappoint. The variety of cars from beaters, to the pro drift cars, to all out burnout machines and the awesome cars on show, there was something for everyone. IMG_3300

Calder was utilised to its full potential, with both tracks open all day for the skid machines to go all out. Accordingly tires were changed constantly thanks to the guys at Wheeltech.


When we were not holding down the fort providing y’all with the goodies at our Saint Side stand we were able to cruise around on the low-low and saw some epic cars! IMG_3420

The Frush crew always killin’ it, and Bry’s RX-7 was on point!


Johnny the maestro from JVN Garage, with this fan favourite SR swapped KE, ripped many a dicks off as some may say.


R32’s seemed to be one of the cars of choice.


Unfortunately this wicked 33 got knocked out early…


This Silvia was so god damn clean on those VS-KF’s, I was hoping for no wall taps….JOKES WALL TAPS ALL DAY.


The show and shine run by the boys over at Zero Clearance had some absolute stunning examples, including this epic Evo.


Clean weekenders are so good to see and the following are some stunners.


PHAT E30. IMG_3328



This ute is a personal favourite, it was so subtle but so got dang ridiculous at the same time.


Hot hatches are becoming more and more popular by the day for p-platers with the new laws. This perfectly executed daily driver by Jimmy has enough go and looks good but being subtle enough just to slide under the radar of the boys in blue. IMG_3358

Forced Motorworx had some epic machines out on display, that drew a crowd for the entire weekend and we can see why.


Oh yeah, the burnout cars. IMG_3314

Whenever I headed out to the track I somehow forgot the image capturer thingyamibob, luckily Sifu Diep was around to get some crackers.


HP-F coming out with this monster VE Ute smashing it up all day.


Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grab any video footage of the epic drift trains but the door-to-door action was a plenty.


Thanks again to VicDrift for having us out, thanks to the homies that rolled through to say wassup, we can’t wait for the next DriftX!



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