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YG and TY$, Briggs and Pez – Melbourne, Jan 25th

YG (4hunniiiiid) has been steadily tearing it up the mix tape game this past 4 years, and his recent debut album ‘MY KRAZY LIFE’ definitely shifted his paradigm; in my opinion it went above and beyond, here’s why.

For a few years I was aware of YG’s guest verses on tracks that had passed by, we saw sprinkles of YG in the resurgence of West Coast Rap, from Nipsey to Dom K, even the lesser known Jay305’s track ‘Youzza Flip’ featured YG. But for all those times, I was listening to the other artists, I never said “I’m going to put on some YG 4hunnnnid” like i do now. While I enjoyed those snippets and features, I didn’t see ‘it’ yet, and so for years, I overlooked YG.






Dude went straight to the top of the playlist. Let’s live my life like I live it in the hood waves, covering everything from eaves dropped telephone calls, life teachings, block number shout outs down to the street, love and cheating spouses, recklessness, brother hood, banging, breaking n’ entering, it’s all there, with chant style backing and catchy hooks.

“I was in the county with Lions most of these rappers are lyin’..”

Collectively, it’s the grind of everyone in the West Coast right now that continues to grow the W universally. Every artist is on each others features, from hood shit to club bangers to car cruise music, it’s like all that weed gives them this utopian rap glue, and they’re sticking together, like clag, it’s stuck just enough, not Tarzan grip. What you’d expect to be cut throat competitiveness from people backing rival neighbourhoods, continues to dilute.

With this album placing in, or near the top 10 lists of nearly every reputable sources “Best of 2014” including our own Hangin’ With The Homies representative putting it in his top 5 > here < we are stupid lucky that people like the promoters over at WestGate Touring can lock YG, TY$ and a local support like Briggs and Pez (another two names who can headline a local gig any day of the week in my opinion). For the greatest 48 hours of rap this city has ever seen, be sure to catch Nas on Saturday, YG on Sunday, this coming Australia Day Long Weekend NAS Saturday, tickets available in store or from here http://sugarmountainfestival.com/tickets/

YG, TY$, Pez and Briggs tickets from here http://www.ticketmaster.com.au/

Happy Australia Day.


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