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The Kuumba Corner – Our Scent Guide: Fig


Countless hours have been spent discussing between friends, customers and family on Kuumba recently, “What is your favourite scent?” or for those well versed; “What’s your top three?”.

Now here it is to share, your thoughts and opinions, as part of our very own Kuumba Incense guide.

Here we will have a synopsis on what/which Kuumba Incense you’re burning, what the scent smells like, if we can’t work it out we’ll describe the scent as an image, or any other way to encapsulate what it reminds us of. We aren’t scent experts or perfumers, some of customers are though, so these are all personal reflections.

To kick off our first scent, we’ve selected Fig.

The raw packet smell, and the burn smell is often slightly different from each other, but this one rings true to its title, with the scent of fig, and its soft fruitiness in raw form and burn, and a sharp sweetness when burnt.

Please use the scent chart below as a quick guide, and we’d love to know what you’re burning and how you interpret the scent. Roll through for a chat!

Kuumba Incense Scent: Fig
Note: Fresh
Family: Citrus
Scent Chart


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