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Olde Paint and Patina.

The restoration game is not for everyone. Sometimes people get excited and think a project is going to cost a couple of bucks and their bike will be worth a million dollars, but please note everything (seriously, everything) comes at a cost. New parts, second hand parts, paints, preparation equipment, tools, beers, phone calls, petrol money, and time, all very quickly adds up.

I always say that if you have a complete vintage bike, at the very least, remove, clean, regrease, refit, and put new tubes and tyres on. It’s a recommendation I have if someone comes in that doesn’t want to break the bank but will very easily give any bike, another 5-10 years on its already 40+ chapters of life.

Sean came through with a couple of builds, and had a other things in mind.

Whilst the below ‘girls’ frame Malvern Star saw the remove refit treatment, a new bottom end among a couple of other bits and some new tyres, its allure lies in its incredibly cool (clean) patina and short wheel base. The paint work neat, the chrome still very shiny where not pitted, and the seat although aged, not cracked. A few bucks in, and this bike will easily see another 10 years, with 90% of it in its original form.


The silver work on the badge, fork cap, and seat tube sticker are the real winners on this ride man, look how shiny those bits have come up.



BSA or Birmingham Small Arms company is an English company that built nearly everything made of metal, from guns, cars, planes, and bicycles. Once being the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer. This BSA 22″ wheeled bike really had me going. BSA of motorcycle.  Meanwhile, Sean’s burnt orange, BSA emblazoned bike was going to get a modern day Mex inspired rat overhaul. Tyres from England to accommodate the original wheels and all, a bunch of new twisted accessories, custom front end and a banana seat setup transforming the bike, but not entirely.

The English frame had an incredibly long head tube, from memory around 28cm. An extended steering tube lengthened up quite a bit, bent spring ring, some washers and clever thinking.


The paint work original, stickers original, and all still very rich in colour.


The three speed was one of the most responsive and enjoyable rides I’ve taken in a long time. The thumb shifted internal hub, and 2″ extra inches of wheel diameter made a massive different to ride comfort.



And to finish it off, small personal touches like the leather tool bag and coca cola cap dyno light (not pictured). The soul of the bike still very well intact, with new parts and some character. England vs the USA built in Aus. A great, daily rideable build. Hats off mate.



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