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Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2015: Day 2 & 3

Day 2 arrived and we were ready to rock it. More sleeves were sacrificed to the party gods and more bottles were emptied. Making our way down we decided to take a taxi there, we could not be bothered dealing with the shuttles again.


We quickly jumped in a taxi and just as quickly were told, “Nope, not going to the speedway ‘cause the traffic is too crazy,” and not worth it for the cabby, bummer. As we jumped out we saw another group of blokes also being rejected by a cab. One of them suggested a limo, we looked at each other and were like, “Bugger it, let’s do it!”

One of the blokes Mick even offered to pay for a third of it as he’d just won 4K on the tables, rippa! Getting in to the limo the driver quickly advised us that he had a bunch of liquor for us, unlimited and free of charge, accordingly the drinks started to flow real quick.

Mick was an OG model, who had spent time down under and walking the runways in Milan, London etc. for work. The other bloke Jonny was some sort of space technician doing some classified stuff and the other bloke, well I forgot his name, had spent 20k on booths at the club and 8k that day on a cabana at a pool party right next to Justin Beiber.

Arriving at EDC for day 2 we could already feel the energy before we’d even entered the speedway, it was electric!

We headed straight to Kinetic Field just in time, before Above & Beyond started their set, phew. They started off beautifully with some tracks off their latest album, tearing up the joint.

Suddenly the music stopped, they had chosen someone to ‘push the button’. I saw a bloke on the stage walk up to the decks – It was Walter White aka Bryan Cranston! We lost our fscking shit! He said those famous words, “Say my name.” The crowd responded and then he said, “You’re god damn right!” What a moment!


Armin Van Buuren was up next and he did not disappoint, what a set! Ranging from some classics to ‘Atlantis’ by aussie Marlo! I swear the lights and lasers were so intense for his set, the sunglasses did not leave my face, I even had to sit down for a bit, not to mention the fireworks!

After Armin we decided to head off to the shuttle buses a bit earlier to see if it had improved. Surprisingly when we got there each shuttle destination now had their own lines and the line-up design and efficiency had improved dramatically. This time we only waited 15 minutes, compared to 4 hours the day before. It seemed that EDC got the message.

Day 3

The final day of EDC had come, it was also our final day in Vegas before an early flight out to New York, New York!


The last day was set to be epic day, with some of our favourite trance artists all hitting the Circuit Grounds stage, one after another.

We decided to give the shuttle buses another go considering the vast improvements the previous day and again it was fine.

Getting to EDC for the last time and being our very last night in this fine city of Las Vegas was a little bitter sweet. Walking through the gates and walking down the steps knowing that it was the final day we took in as much as we could. It seemed like others around us were doing the same. This was a magical place under the electric sky after all.

We immediately made our way to Circuit Grounds, our final destination, but not without going at a very gradual pace taking the longest way there just to ensure we did not miss anything at all. I would have hated to miss something.

We made it to Circuit Grounds just in time for the end of Orjan Nilsen’s set, it was a cracker. Next up were the long-time champs Cosmic Gate, and the feels that they brought were outstanding. They had the entire place belting out the vocals and the energy was ridiculous.

Following them was Ferry Corsten, long time trance man and one half of New World Punx. To tell you the truth, Ferry’s set was pretty much a blur. Sometime between Cosmic Gate and Ferry Corsten we managed to get our hands on some diffraction glasses and if you’ve ever looked down those kaleidoscope things as a kid, well imagine glasses like that, and lots of lights, lasers, fire and a whole bunch of stuff to make you lose your shit. It was bloody amazing.


The last set for us before we had to jet off both literally and figuratively was the man that always brings it every time we’ve seen or heard him, Andrew Rayel. His set and the production for his set was incredible he lifted us to a place we’ve never been, the feels, mannnn it was euphoric. During his set some fireworks went off and by some I meant it smashed Melbourne’s New Year fireworks. I didn’t know where to look with the diffraction glasses, it was too epic.

We were shattered we had to leave as following Andrew was GAIA, Markus Schulz and ALY & FILAAAA!!! So off to the shuttles we went.

EDC, what can I say.

It was an experience that I will never forget. An experience that taught us how music festivals could and should be. A standard I can one day hope Australia will host. Thank you Electric Daisy Carnival for the experience of a lifetime, I’m sure we’ll be back soon. A big shout out to all the friends we made along the way, the fellow ‘strayans we met and the Invaders fam.



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