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With the NBA season done and dusted. The rookies drafted, free agency period done and summer league well into it, I find myself bored. I mean summer league is cool and all, watching dudes scrap to make the roster and rookies showing their worth but it’s still no regular season or playoff.

With this upcoming season there’s really only one question on my mind. How Kobes season will end. Entering this season it’ll be his 20th in the NBA. And after some nasty injuries that ended his season(s) early, Kobe will be out to prove that he still has it.

As I patiently wait for October to roll around. I’ve been watching some Kobe highlight reels and whether he wins another ring or not, this man will be missed. Thank Jesus the internet exists cause I’ll forever be able to watch these clips over and over.

81 points.
Say what you will, but 81(!) points in basketball is just plain ridiculous. Call him a ball hog, sure, but when your team is comprised with a bunch of scrubs, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm and Smush Parker to name a few, then you ball hog the shit out of the ball and you go on to average 35PPG for the season, cause really there’s no other option.


Buzzer beater against Portland.
Check this team. Shaq, Derek Fisher, Karl Malone, Gary Payton and Kobe. They were the favourites but in the end lost to an all hustle team in the Detroit Pistons. It’s cool though. Kobe had some sick buzzer beaters that year, including this one against the Blazers to close out the regular season.

Dunk on Dwight.
Dwight never really recovered from this. He came to L.A to play with Kobe but everytime he stepped out on the court all he could think about was Kobes nuts in his face. Fuck you Dwight.


Vs Denver reverse.
To go behind the back is nice but to then reverse dunk straight after. It ain’t even fair.

Dunk on Yao.
Yao, thats my dude. He did his thing for many years in the league. Getting dunked on by Kobe was one of them.


5th championship.
He’s won 5 championships, 1 regular season MVP, 2 finals MVP. He’s been a 17 time all-star, a 2 time scoring champ, a 11 time first team all NBA and that isn’t even the end of it. He’s one of the greatest to ever do it.


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