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RWB Kuala Lumpur Day Two – What are those?!

The Garage KL served nasi lemak and roti canai for the guests and media. Everyone kinda got the memo on how the work pace will be on the car. Today, Nakai-san will work on the side skirts, bumpers and fitting in the wheels.

Tengku Azman Tengku Chik is the man that manages and owns The Garage KL. He joined James and I at our table and we had a quick Q&A with him on how the establishment started. As Tengku Azman was answering the questions asked, James and I could see that he’s really happy and excited to explain what The Garage KL is about.  Realising that car enthusiasts have only mamak restaurants or Macca’s to hangout or have meets, Tengku Azman decides it is time for them to have another venue to have their fellowship.

Tengku Azman, tell us briefly what The Garage KL is?
The Garage KL is a lifestyle cafe that showcases the automotive culture. The furniture that you see in the cafe are built with leftover wood, we’re aiming to be environment-friendly. 4 people including me had been working and designing/building this place. The Garage KL will have 6 pop up stores available for brands to sell their products. The place is 98% complete, so it’s not officially openeed. Yesterday, today and tomorrow would be considered an earlier preview for anyone to see what The Garage KL is about.

What makes The Garage KL unique compared to the usual night time hnagout spots?

The Garage KL won’t be having hookah stalls or broadcasting soccer matches for sure. We’re trying to limit the area to focus on a cosy environment for patrons. We’re not trying to make The Garage KL be packed like the mamak stalls and being noisy and all. The chefs working in the kicthen used to work in 5 star rated restaurants. I decided to always come here and check the food personally to make sure the quality is always good and maintains that way.  I take pride in food because I love it, and I want to make sure the customers see the value. The Garage KL also uses the best coffee beans available in the market. Everything from the main course, side dishes to the drinks/beverages needs to be good.

The Garage KL in future would be…
A venue for all car lovers to gather and share their passion over great food and coffee as well. That is all about The Garage KL. Do you want some more coffee?

Nakai-san started the day with the side skirts. With his trusty electric hacksaw and his precise vision, he cuts a part of the

Porsche to make sure the RWB side skirts fit nicely.

 Day 2-5Day 2-4

Day 2 295 tires Day 2-2

(Top and Bottom) Rear and front tires respectively.

Day 2-3

Excuse me sir, but WHAT ARE THOOOOSE? Glad you asked fam. Michelin 265/35/ZR18 tires for the front & 295/35/ZR18 tires for the back, fitted with 3-piece Work Meister M1s black rims to go. Can my Toyota Vios wear these? Absolutely fscking no. Don’t even try Dan, just don’t.

The ride’s height plays a huge role in any RWB built. Nakai-san has built cars in countries that has roads dominated with bumps, potholes, uneven tar surface and so on. He wants to make sure the car can be driven daily and the driver will not experience any discomfort while at it. That’s why Nakai-san will spend a lot of time fine-tuning the ride’s handling. The Porsche uses KW Variant V3 suspensions.

Day 2-6

Day 2-7

Before lunch, Nakai-san took the time to take some pictures with his fans. From top, that’s Ojan and Nakai-san with the officially approved RWB VW Beetle. Nick Foo posing with Nakai-san with his old school Fiat in the cut. These two people who I had caught up during lunch hour had an admiration for old school cars. They have spent a lot of time on their machines, rebuilding them time to time. Ojan would spend a few months being away from his VW due to work commitment, so the VW would be taken over by his friend for now. Nick is currently working on a Toyota wagon he had purchased, slowly restoring back to its glory days.

Day 2-8*inserts Toyota Prius joke*

Nakai-san’s break time, he was kind enough to sign autographs for anyone that approached him. Last year I managed to get most prolly the last RWB Pandora One skate deck from Saintside, thanks Nat for suggesting that Nakai-san should sign that. From RWB’s pop up store, James got the rendered image of the current on-going RWB built, framed with the same blue colour. We got our souvenirs signed :’)

Hayashi86(2)Picture taken by Lim Wai Hong of Hayashi86.com

Day 2-10

Day 2-9

Nakai-san was done with the side skirts, canards and the rear bumper. 6:30 p.m, he begins work on fitting the tires. Now this process, James and I didn’t really take many pictures because Nakai-san was showing us all the old school way on installing the tires. With just a masking tape and his unfsckwitable eyesight, he manually adjusted each tire and making sure all of them are in perfect alignment. A few of us just stop taking pictures and quietly watched Nakai-san teaching us how it is done back in the day.

He walks around the car, he isn’t satisfied. He goes back to work on that specific tyre again. He gets up, walks back and forth in front of the car. Not satisfied, he goes back to the problem and works again. This goes on for quite some time.

7 p.m, day two’s done. The Garage KL serves us all dinner. The Garage KL’s kitchen crew and Tengku Azman did a fantastic job for cookin’ up a feast for whoever that stayed till the end. I didn’t had the chance to take pictures of the food because everyone was too hungry and I didn’t wanna miss out on anything that’s served.

10+ p.m, the built’s working area was crowd-free. The photographers finally had a chance to get clean shots of day two’s result.


Day 2-12

Day 2-11 Day 2-14 Day 2-15Day 2-13



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