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Let’s talk. Like real talk. Who do you consider the greatest scorer in the NBA? Michael Jordan? Kobe Bryant? Allen Iverson? What if I said Tracy McGrady, where would you rank him? He’d have to be up there, right?

I mean let’s really break it down. A guy who is a natural shooting guard, in a power forwards body. He’s 6’9, with arms that stretch from one side of the U.S to the other and he moves like he is a guard. T-MAC was the point forward after Scottie Pippen and before LeBron James. Respect to Lamar Odom though.

From the moment he entered the league as a young 18 year old fresh out of high school he was showing glimpses of what he could do.

But it wasn’t until he signed on with the Magic after having played two seasons in his cousins shadow that he truly let it be known that he was the man. Once he got to Orlando it was pretty much a wrap.  He would go on to win the Most Improved Player Award, win scoring titles and make All-Star appearances and have his own signature shoe (I was pretty much infatuated by the T-Mac line as the colour blocking matched my Parkmore Panthers uniform, I never owned a pair though, even when they hit outlets, it’d still be a bit too much for me. My And1 Tai-Chi mids NY edition served me well). Tracy McGrady was a star.

Dude would score at will, in any way, pull up threes, post you up, back you down turn and score, slash and scoop it in, slash and dunk on you. There wasn’t one way he wouldn’t be able to get a bucket (even when he was traded to the Rockets it never stopped).

And then you when you go and score 13 points in 35 seconds against a team like the Spurs and actually get the win. Holy shit.

Like seriously, I love, LOVE, Kobe. But at that stage in my life, I almost thought Tracy might have been that little bit better. How could I not, when Kobe dunks on Yao and then Dwight, here comes TMac driving down the lane to throw it down on Shawn Bradley (I mean everyone has but the ferocity of this dunk was so ill).

Eventually injuries got the better of him, his back gave up on him and his lack of rehabilitation on it meant that his day as an elite player would come to an end. He went from team to team, playing on scrub teams like the Knicks, Hawks and Pistons before finally calling it quits after sitting at the end of the Spurs bench.

Besides all that, the years that he spent as an elite basketball player, there was seriously no denying his scoring prowess.

Lets watch one more video of T-Mac scoring 62 points so you really ge the idea of just how good this guy was.



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