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It’s a wrap. It’s done. Call it a season. Call it a career. 20 years. As I write this my generations greatest basketball player has just finished off one of the best basketball careers, ever.

Yeah ok statistically it wasn’t the greatest for him or the team. But like he said if you’re not winning the championship, you’re in the same boat as them.

When he announced his retirement fans started to flock to games far and wide, so they could watch the great one last time.

At the time when I wrote THIS, I had already had a hunch that he would call this season his last so I started looking at tickets for his last game against the Jazz. The seats I wanted were reasonably priced but it was still a think it over type of thing. But I slept too long. Come the week after he announced it and the the final game tickets price sky rocketed.

I’m a die hard Kobe fan. I wasn’t going to let that affect me, so on impulse I triggered back to back Clippers vs Lakers tickets and there it was. I was off to see Kobe play his last few games. A week and a bit in L.A, three Lakers games, to say the least, its been real.

Enjoy the images below. I also managed to sneak an extra game against the Celtics too.

Boston Celtics vs. L.A Lakers – 107- 100
34 points.
4 rebounds.
1 assists.
3 steals.



L.A Lakers vs. L.A Clippers – 81 – 103
6 points.
2 rebounds.
0 assists.
2 steals.




L.A Clippers vs. L.A Lakers – 91 – 81
17 points.
3 rebounds.
1 assists.
1 steals.




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