22 John Street, St.Albans Melbourne // Level 2, 15 McKillop Street, CBD Melbourne

Lead up to Air Max Day – Air Workshop – Melbourne

Friday morning. A cold, moist, grey dawn in Melbourne, the alarm goes off at 6am.

Only for the swoosh.

Only get out of bed this early for the bubble/s.

Nike and partners from Complex and Acclaim ran a workshop at 9am at the Air House blessing some Melbourne sneaker heads and local micro celebs and/or influencers with a brekkie and to meet and greet some special guests; Alexandra Hackett aka @miniswoosh and Christie from pitch-studios.com with some cheeky reveals sprinkled in.

The setting atop of curtain house is a staple in Melbourne, and tbh I’d never really been up there in the AM like this, it was refreshing.

If you caught some of the story we put up on the @saintside instagram, you would have seen the way the digs were setup. Alex/miniswoosh created bean-bags from gym gear, single seater couches from Nike socks (so sick!), and Christie/pitch-studios outlined a tidy app designed for Air Max day that had cuts, swoosh items, and silhouettes of bubbles that users could flick, shape, enlarge and spin to create their own Air Max Day t-shirt. (Our designs pictured below)

Everything from environmental aesthetics to user experiences was done in the way Nike knows, incredible product, refinely delivered.

On, and around us.

Sometimes I enjoy thinking of Nike as producers of elite sporting equipment, to the exact specifications of the world’s leading athletes, and then also generally ~ the Gods of design. Constantly moving and evolving; as is apparent in the new Air Max model, the 270. Described by Nike staff themselves, the first “AIR MAX DESIGNED FOR LIFESTYLE FIRST” a sneaker taking lifestyle first, running second – the focus was a daily, comfortable, good looking shoe, and it’s exactly that. You can not take a bad photo of it and it’s very easy to forget you are wearing the 270, even after standing 16 hours a day like me.

Air Max Day celebrations cometh next, hope to catch you then.

Pics below from www.instagram.com/tomshepherd