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Saint Side Autumn Lookbook

Presenting the following t-shirt releases for Autumn.

Shot on iphone (clicked the button) and edited on iphone (an app placed pics, over other pics)

Feature photo is at home, the background was taken else where

“at home… on my phone”

Tees will drop every Wednesday as usual, follow @saintside on instagram if you have not already, or be sure to check it on Facebook Marketplace.



She gasps, “Don’t, people will edit it”



“Do we swap the gold out for the silver one, or have both out? I might pack this gold one away”

“No, put it back”




“Build it however you want, the way you want, don’t let anyone tell you any different”



“Wait, the sun has a cool effect here!”



“Can you please clean your sneakers and put ______ away?”



“What? I thought you wanted to take candid shots, what?”



“I wonder how Elvis is doing?”

“Taking care of business, no doubt”



(the first shot)

“It doesn’t get much more candid than this, undypants (sic), breakfast bowl, phone, fuck”


“Eating at a good food spot with your friends, that later closes down, gives you all something you can’t share with anyone else.”



She looks to me and says “seedless fruit and vegetables’ weren’t engineered because natures seeds and pips were a discomfort to us, it was because they want to make money, they don’t want us planting our own food at home”