22 John Street, St.Albans Melbourne // Level 2, 15 McKillop Street, CBD Melbourne

Ebbets Field Saint Side Collection

Saint Side opened for people to benefit, from camaraderie to entertainment, but this does not mean it is there for everyone to benefit. Natural selection allowed the closest adaption to us over this past 10 years as we witnessed the best in people, quality over quantity.

Starting Wednesday 11th across 4 weeks, we will steady drop the collection we had made by Ebbets Field Flannels.

Entirely hand made in the USA, with old world technique, select materials and machinery from yesteryear, they are all beautifully crafted, and carefully finished. Utilising wool bodies, felt appliques, embroidery, leather strap work, and their signature green satin hat under brim, we hope you will take home a part of this collection during this 10th year of Saint Side, as we wanted this to be something special.

Production numbers are low, 24 units for each garment, 48 for the hats.

There will be garments available at each store for inspection prior to release, with schedule announced via instagram @saintside

Baseball Jersey – $399
Light canvas work jacket – $369
French Terry Loop Sweatshirt, available in 3 colours – $279
Cap, available in 2 colours – $119

Sept 11 – 2 Hats
Sept 18- 2 Crewnecks, Navy and Grey
Sept 25 – Black Crewneck, Work Jcket
Oct 2 – Baseball Jersey