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12th Show – Covid Safe Event Checklist Announcement

This Sunday February 7th we get down to business at the 12th Annual Saint Side Show and Shine. Initially thinking this was not going to happen, we are fortunate that DHHS allow smaller events like ours to be a registered as a CovidSafe Public event and to continue, although, not without some Covid Safe Common sense. In this post we want to communicate how the event this Sunday is going to be different for everyone attending.
1. First and foremost, please stay home if you are feeling unwell.
2. Masks: It is state law for masks to be carried on a person leaving their home. So upon entry, we will be confirming you have a mask with you. Currently law states that outdoors masks are not mandatory, but we do recommend wearing them, and volunteers will be enforcing mask wearing in the case that 1.5m social distancing is difficult in groups of people. If you do not present a mask at entry, we will have disposable masks for purchase $1, and Saint Side reusable masks for $15. If you do not have a mask, and refuse purchase, you will be refused entry.
3. Checking in: Upon entering the site you will be required to check in using the sites QR code and your mobile phone, if you are unable to check in, your Full Name, Phone number and Post code will be recorded manually.
4. Social Distancing: Once inside, please maintain 1.5m social distancing, and observe your cough etiquette, personal hygiene, and your touch points.
5. Sanitise: Sanitiser stations will be available upon entry, and also at the Saint Side tents, toilet area, and other sites through out the day.
6. Site Capacity: We have a site capacity restriction of 500. This may mean short waiting times during peak periods if in the chance the turn out passes 500, so as people leave, new entrants or returning entrants can again enter. There is a lot of space near the Bicycle Centre around Green Gully Reserve, so many places to enjoy the ambience of the event from regardless in ad hoc setups.
7. Monitor your movements: Please be sure to avoid touching things unnecessarily, be careful moving through crowds, at vendor stalls and food trucks please maintain 1.5m distancing, and also at attractions such as the drag race or awards. Feel free to repeat your sanitising on the day from our stations. Please also properly dispose of any of your rubbish appropriately in the bins available.
8. Refusal of Entry: If you have a difference of opinion about on any of the above, press an issue, compromise the health of other patrons or the efforts we put in for our free community event, then please enjoy it all from outside the venue gates as you will be refused entry. There will be plenty of cool cars in the car park, and the music can be enjoyed from anywhere in Green Gully Reserve, but we don’t need your Covid Drama, all up in our CovidSafe Event Plan.
Below you will find our CovidSafe Checklist published for transparency as required by DHHS, as well as a CovidSafe banner we will be putting up in a few spots around the show as a guideline.
If we all follow the rules, its going to be a great, fun, and safe day.
Any questions please contact here or via 0449 675 001
Thank you and see you all on Sunday.