22 John Street, St.Albans Melbourne // Level 2, 15 McKillop Street, CBD Melbourne

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Saint Side opened its doors in January of 2009 at the Workshop location, 22 John Street, St.Albans, Melbourne Victoria.  Specialising in the restoration of bicycles, vintage items and the design of its own products.

In 2011 Saint Side opened its second and flagship location in the Melbourne Central Business District at Level 2, 15 McKillop Street, Melbourne.

Saint Side now specialise in sales and restoration of vintage, cruiser and lowrider bicycle and the sales of mens streetwear, accessories, homewares, and collectibles.

Saint Side can be engaged through a variety of streams, social media, webstore, eBay, forum, phone and its two physical locations.

Through these, Saint Side has dealt with thousands of customers, which can be seen via customer testimonial, referral, online feedback and more.

We are here to connect the right person with the right product, and assure we assist before, during and after the sale.

Great customer service is a commitment we take seriously. Our business is a direct result of incredibly strong relationships with repeat customers.

‘Good people helping good people.’

We prefer to deal with a small number of clientele, of which we know personally, their garment size, their taste, their names, their birth dates.

It may be old fashioned. But it’s real, and it’s us.

There is no issue, incident or problem we are not prepared to assist with. If there is absolutely any issue or question, we urge you to contact us, and we will help you work it out, or assist beyond.  We do not leave customers in the dark, we want to assure the service at Saint Side is everything you heard from your friends it would be. For this reason, we do not advertise, we rely on referral and social media, our quality of customer service is testament to that.

Saint Side is here to provide specialised products, a great sales experience, and complete support.

We are in it for life, and we are a part of the communities that we are involved in. Rest assured, those that support the stores also surround us at events, swap meets, automotive shows, gigs, on cruises’ etc.

We’re really out here with you.


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My Name Is My Name

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The name Saint Side was adopted from the first physical location and work shop store.

Saint Albans on the West Side of Melbourne; Saint Side.

St.Albans being the suburb most of the team hail from, and continue to live in and support.

Located 15km north west of Melbourne, St.Albans is a working class suburb and was the original western suburbs ‘end of the tracks’ up until recently where growth and extension saw the domestic train line run through.

Suburb history goes back as far as 1887 as a stop over town during the gold rush, but slowed economically until after World War 2 with a large influx of European non English speaking residents during its first baby boom in the 50s and 60s. It saw a large influx of Vietnamese, Philippino, during the 70s and 80s, and Indian and African residents from the 90s til present.

Currently 53% of its population were born overseas, and still has a high percentage of non english speaking residents.

The diversity is what makes the suburb such a powerful place.

We will never leave.


Team Mates

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Saint Side is made up of a small team cross skilled in retail, media, project and event management combining years within a variety of roles.

John Street History - Saint Side Workshop


John Street, St.Albans. 1974.

The first store was built by European migrants starting life in the early 1970s as a neighbourhood milk bar selling bread, milk and daily grocery. Shortly after with a boom of similar stores, it was taken over and ran by a local dress maker, Adela, who served the western suburbs with her dress making craft until 1996.

John Street itself boomed with a strip mall business during the 1970s and 80s.  The street was made up of a butcher, a grocer, fish and chippery, milk bar, a land surveyor and our current store inhabited by a dress maker.

During the 80s chain stores began expanding, 7 day trading was introduced along with later trading hours, the small fresh food stores began to fade away, and business in John Street began shifting to include a larger milk bar, a tv sales and repair shop, a dentist and hair dresser, among variety stores.

During the mid to late 90s, St.Albans as an area battled many working class demons, domestic and social problems, a disconnect with the 2nd generation immigrant baby boom, assimilation issues with a variety of cultures and religions, and rampant drug and alcohol abuse. During this era, the street business owners closed most of their doors, with a Cash Trader and Tattoo shop moving in for a short period of time.

The street saw a turn around during the 2000s, and proudly displays a variety of new business’ supporting the community including our own Saint Side Workshop and Retail store.

Projects and Collaborations

Saint Side / The Man Who Could Not Dream 2011

Supply bicycle parts both new and used for use in film. Screening in MIFF 2012. http://themanwhocouldnotdream.com/

Saint Side / New Era Australia Collaborative Project 2011

Design and market plan of sale of limited edition headwear marketed by Acclaim Magazine.

Saint Side by Geoff Hook Collectors Pack 2012

Working with Australian Artistic Legend Geoff Hook (Jeff) OAM on a limited edition tshirt and accessories pack with various sponsors Rekorderlig Cider and Coca Cola/Mount Franklin.


Saint Side / Illusive 2012

DJ QUIK Australian Tour 2012, promotional partner

Saint Side / Broken Lock Collaborative Project 2012

Exclusive custom jewellery designed by Saint Side produced by Broken Lock Jewellery.

Saint Side, Acclaim Magazine, Chaz Bojorquez Deck Launch 2012

Promotion and sales of collectable art pieces.

Saint Side / Diafrix – 2 TShirt collaborative effort 2012 

First tee to assist in Diafrix Album Pre Order “Pocket Full Of Dreams”, second tee to celebrate in store promotional event.

Saint Side and Insane Drifters collaborative effort 2013

T-Shirt release to celebrate 10 years of Professional Drifting in Australia and our close friends and Saint Side sponsored drift team, “Insane Drifters”. Supported by Casio Gshock Australia.

Saint Side, Casio GShock, Medicom Japan Launch 2013

Collaboration watch release at Saint Side City. Supported by Casio Gshock Australia and Medicom Japan.


Saint Side / Delta Bravo 2013

DJ QUIK, KURUPT Australian Tour 2013, promotional partner


Saint Side XLarge Japan 2014

Collaboration Tshirt to feature Melbourne location in the brands OG City Collection, first Australian XLarge Japan collaboration, exclusive stockist.


Saint Side Monteverde Pens USA 2014

Ball point pen and fountain pen to feature Saint Side branding to celebrate 5 year milestone of business. Released in two colours, matt/gloss black and workman yellow/chrome combinations.


Saint Side Lowrider Brand 2014

Custom bicycle frame created with Lowrider Brand international in limited numbers.


Saint Side Kuumba International Original Incense 2014

A custom incense with the scent of Hennessy Cognac and Vanilla bean, packaged in a custom Saint Side paisley tube as a keep sake, made in Japan by Kuumba International.

Saint Side Annual Show and Shine

Saint Side Annual Show and Shine is held in February of each year.

Comprising of primarily a vintage and custom bicycle show, it encompasses a street festival which involves all the business’ of John street including food vendors, car show and music

For further information, or to be involved in this event please contact us.


Quick Guide to Saint Side

Bicycles, Vintage and Restoration, Beach Cruiser, Step Through and Lowrider Over 1000 builds completed with us
Bicycle Parts and Accessories Over 400 parts on hand, a catalogue of over 1000
Streetwear, Homewares and Collectibles Assisting with products, events and support
Project Work and Collaborations Having worked with artists, actors, musicians
Two Physical Stores In Melbourne CBD and in St.Albans
8 Years in Business And always recruiting new Saint Siders