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Bicycle Kit Build : How To

  • How do I build a kit bike from Saint Side?
    Instructions and pictures on this task

Bottom Bracket Questions

  • Three Piece Bottom Bracket, TPC, 3PC
  • One Piece Bottom Bracket, OPC, 1PC

Custom Frame Questions

  • Creating a one off frame

Fork and Front Wheel Questions

  • Smaller/mismatched front forks or front wheels
  • Fork and frame sizing

Head Stem, Neck and Steering Wheel Questions

  • Fitting a headlight
  • Fitting a steering wheel

Paint Questions

  • Sand blasting and Bead blasting
  • Powder Coating
  • Preparation for paint
  • Painting

Pedal Questions

  • 1/2 Pedal Thread
  • 9/16 Pedal Thread

Vintage Build vs New Production

  • Bratz Bikes
  • New Production Bikes
  • Vintage Bikes